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Niceville, Florida – January 1, 2017 – Pristine Maids, LLC is a family, minoriy, female-owned cleaning company since 2007 that has announced they will provide FREE House cleaning to woman battling cancer. The company has over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry
and prides themselves in knowing what their clients want and giving them the best services possible. The clients are their number one priority, and Pristine Maids will go above and beyond to ensure that the clients are always happy with the services.

“Pristine Maids has had numerous friends and acquaintances over the years that have struggled with cancer and its horrible effects,” said owner Monique Cohen. “The company is honored to offer our services to those who are fighting life and death battles. We have been truly blessed in this life and want nothing more than to pay it forward. These patients are struggling to walk to the kitchen let alone having to worry about cleaning their homes. Pristine Maids will keep the home clean and comfortable through some of the rougher times.”

”Pristine Maids feels this is a true blessing to cancer patients everywhere and such a wonderful opportunity for cleaning services like ours to give back to the community, who has embraced us for so many years,” said Cohen.

Pristine Maids, LLC has agreed to help women battling cancer by cleaning at least two homes per month for four consecutive months at no charge. The only requirement is that the homes be within the company’s existing service areas of Okaloosa and Walton Counties. For more information about this company, go to

To find out more or begin the process of cleanings please call our office at 850-424-1931 we’ll be happy to get you started. We’d love to be able to assist you. It’s one way we can make things a little easier for people battling for their lives.Pristine Maids mo_001-288x79 Cleaning For Women Battling Cancer