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You Pack and We’ll Clean

Are you moving? I think the better question would be, are you completely exhausted and know there is no way in this world you can now clean the house from top to bottom? Well, that’s where Pristine Maids comes ins.

Moving is a pain. Combine that with all of the boxes that need to be packed, furniture that needs moving and a long list of other preparations and you are left with a time-consuming, stressful situation. Why make even more work for yourself when it is so easy to pick up the phone and give us a call?

We will come into the empty home and clean everything from the ceiling fans down to the baseboards including, but not limited to, inside and out of all cabinets, appliances and drawers. We will clean the fronts and backs of doors and make sure that every room is spotless. All cleaning supplies and equipment is
included with our services.

For this move-in/out service, we always send out two cleaners for 3-6 hours depending on the size and condition of the home. Should they need additional time to complete the job there is a per hour additional charge that will need to be approved before they continue. The per-hour rate will be on the credit card form and we will also tell you that amount when we call for approval of the additional time. Also, when adding carpet cleaning, the carpet tech will arrive on the same day after the team has completed their cleaning to ensure that no one walks on the finished carpeted areas.

Make your life easier and less stressful by giving us a call at 850-424-1931. You can also visit our website at and see all that is included in this cleaning package.


  • Cupboards cleaned in/out & on top
  • Inside & outside of all cabinets, drawers
  • Counter tops and back splash cleaned
  • Sink scrubbed and disinfected then shined
  • Complete oven cleaning including pulling it out to get behind
  • Complete fridge & freeze cleaning including pulling it out to get behind
  • Removal of all cobwebs
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Fingerprints removed from door frames and light switches cleaning
  • Faucets polished
  • Light fixtures cleaned
  • Window inside, sills and blinds cleaned
  • Trash removed
  • Wall washing where necessary
  • Dishwasher wiped inside and out
  • Floor cleaned and disinfected
Pristine Maids move1 Move in/out Clean

Living – Dining Room – Bedrooms

  • Ceiling fans cleaned
  • Light fixtures cleaned
  • All front & back of doors, frames wiped for fingerprint removal
  • Inside all closets and rods wiped down
  • Inside of windows,Tracks, sills and blinds
  • All baseboards washed
  • Wall washing where necessary
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Trash removed
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Wipe out closes including baseboards
  • Door knobs, switch-plates sanitized
Pristine Maids move2 Move in/out Clean

Patio – Garage – Laundry Room

  • Sweep or vacuum patio
  • Clean all windows
  • Clean sliding glass door & track
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Clean ceiling fan
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Sweep out garage
  • Remove Trash
  • Wipe inside and out of washer and dryer
  • Wipe outside of cabinets, straighten any shelving
  • Remove all cobwebs
  • Organize laundry room
  • Clean floor and machines, if accessible
  •  Remove trash
Pristine Maids 12345-300x212 Move in/out Clean


  • Tub thoroughly scrubbed, rinsed
  • Tiles and chrome sanitized
  • Sinks washed and sanitized
  • Toilets washed inside/out and behind
  • Shower walls washed and sanitized
  • All mirrors cleaned
  • Vanity cleaned inside and out
  • All fingerprints removed
  • Baseboards cleaned
  • Light fixtures cleaned
  • Cobwebs removed
  • Blinds cleaned if applicable
  • All trash removed
  • Floor vacuumed and washed
Pristine Maids 111111-300x221 Move in/out Clean